World Chilli Alliance attends the 2nd Asia-Europe Cooperation Dialogue - Boao Forum for Asia

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On December 2nd, the 2nd "Asia-Europe Cooperation Dialogue" was held in Chongqing.  Focused on topics as BRI and European development strategy in the new era, the meeting was attended by more than 400 political and business scholars from 21 countries and regions and 3 international organizations.


The "Asia-Europe Cooperation Dialogue" is co-sponsored by the Boao Forum for Asia and the European House - Ambrosetti, and is committed to promoting comprehensive, in-depth and high-quality cooperation between the two continents. The dialogue focused on the BRI initiative, European development strategy, financial globalization, the "Internet of Things" (IoT) and smart cities, and put forward innovative ideas and solutions for Asia Europe cooperation, and further promoted the exchanges between the two continents in Asia and Europe in the field of sustainable development.


The 2nd Asia-Europe Cooperation Dialogue held in Chongqing has an important practical significance for Chongqing. Chongqing plays an important role in the "One Belt One Road" initiative. Furthermore, Chongqing has become a strategic hub city which connect Asia and Europe. The dialogue has provided important opportunities for the development of Chongqing and its trade growth.


WCA's executive headquarters are based in the Asia Pacific region and are precisely located in Chongqing. Therefore, the event not only provided opportunities for the development of Chongqing, but also offered good opportunities for the development of the World Chilli Alliance. The WCA always takes its own "mission", keeping pace with the development, connecting with the world, seeking diversified and multi-level exchanges and cooperation, and promoting a world chilli pepper culture.


In the afternoon of the same day, the Asia-Europe Business Cooperation Project Exchange Meeting was also held. At the promotion meeting, Indonesia vigorously advanced investment, trade and tourism policies and projects in Chongqing.

Chongqing and Indonesia will carry out close cooperation in import and export trade, promote tourism resources exchanges, actively encourage trade between both sides, strengthen tourism publicity and cultural and artistic exchanges, and deepen mutual understanding between the two peoples and lay a solid foundation for friendship through hosting cultural exhibitions, tourism promotion weeks and other activities.


This initiative is undoubtedly a powerful opportunity for the World Chilli Alliance, since WCA will hold the first edition oft he World Chilli Festival and establish the World Chilli Museum in Nanbin Road (Chongqing) in 2020. This is not only a chance for the development of Chongqing cultural tourism, but also a great occasion for the Alliance to promote and, then, spread Chongqing spicy culture in the world.


Throughout the dialogue, the World Chilli Alliance met with representatives of Chongqing government and some Italian representatives based in Chongqing, and exchanged with them information on chilli pepper and its development trends:


1) Li Qian, Secretary and Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Chongqing Municipal People's Goverment;

2) Gianpaolo Bruno, Trade Commissioner Beijing Office Coordinator of ICE/ITA Offices in China and Mongolia at ITA;

3) Lorenzo Gonzo, Science and Technology Counsellor at General Consulate of Italy in Chongqing;

4) Paolo Bazzoni, Member of the Board at China-Italy Chamber of Commerce.


The World Chilli Alliance discussed the win-win cooperation and opening-up of Chinese and European enterprises under the mechanism of Asia-Europe Cooperation Dialogue. At the same time, WCA took the opportunity of this conference to introduce to more people the vision of the Alliance aimed to connect the world by means of chilli pepper.

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