The World Chilli Capitals initiative is part of the World Chilli Alliance membership structure. It is a special platform dedicated to the governments and institutions which decide to join the alliance and support our projects and activities, contributing to the development of a healthy and sustainable environment for chilli and all chilli-based products.

Governments and institutions which take part in World Chilli Capitals will have the opportunity to involve themselves in institutional twinning with territories and cities focused on chilli pepper culture, production, distribution, consumption and activities. This exchange project also provides ample opportunities for sharing new ideas and solutions for the implementation of more sustainable programs by forging collaborative relationships on cultural, scientific, economic and industrial topics.


World Chilli Capitals

  • I ask to be admitted as a Member of the Cultural Association World Chilli Alliance (WCA) and hereby declares:
        • to be willing to participate in community life;
        • to have carefully read the Statute and accept it without reservation, committing to respect the provisions contained in it as well as any regulations and the resolutions of the association Bodies;
        • to be aware that, by resolution of the Board of Directors, the annual membership fee is currently equal to $ (USD) 100/€100, and that this admission application will not be accepted by the Board of Directors in the absence of prior payment of the forementioned fee;
        •that will promptly notify the Association of any change of contact details as indicated above;
        •that allows the processing of one’s personal data.

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