“Chilli Communities” are groups of chilli stakeholders officially recognized by the World Chilli Alliance, which organize chilli-related events in cities and places around the world.

“World Chilli Alliance Member” - each joining member is part of a “Chilli Community” and can also get involved individually with projects and activities organized at international, national and local levels.

There Are Four Types Of Memberships:

Chilli Master - concerned with the science, and spiciness, around chilli

Chilli Producer - active in chilli farms and chilli processing factories’ operations

Chilli Chef - committed to promoting, appropriately, a spicy culinary culture

Chilli Lover - particularly focused on tasting, preparing and eating spicy food 


Individual Member

  • I ask to be admitted as a Member of the Cultural Association World Chilli Alliance (WCA) and hereby declares:
        • to be willing to participate in community life;
        • to have carefully read the Statute and accept it without reservation, committing to respect the provisions contained in it as well as any regulations and the resolutions of the association Bodies;
        • to be aware that, by resolution of the Board of Directors, the annual membership fee is currently equal to $ (USD) 100/€100, and that this admission application will not be accepted by the Board of Directors in the absence of prior payment of the forementioned fee;
        •that will promptly notify the Association of any change of contact details as indicated above;
        •that allows the processing of one’s personal data.

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