WCA Gold Chilli Member DeZhuang International flies to America to discover food cultures of USA and Mexico

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On November 18th, 2019, the Chongqing Free Trade Zone Delegation composed of representatives of Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce, Chongqing DeZhuang International Trade Co., Ltd., Chongqing Yangji Wei Kung Fu Catering Management Co., Ltd., Chongqing Liu Yishou Hotpot Catering Group, Chongqing Lanhua Qi Catering Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Junlan Exhibition Co., Ltd., went to the United States and Mexico for a visit exchange and mutual learning of catering culture.

The representatives of WCA Gold Chilli Member DeZhuang International who took part in the visit are the Executive President and President for Asia of the World Chilli Alliance and Chairman of Dezhuang Group Mr. Li Dejian, the Director and General Counsel of Dezhuang Mr. Zhao Hua, and the Sales Manager and Market Development Manager of DeZhuang International Mr. Berardo Brandon Clark. The visit was an opportunity to deeply understand the advanced concept of catering management and the development trends of innovative catering, and to jointly explore the possibilities of Chongqing hotpot culture and chilli pepper culture in the world.

The delegation first went to San Francisco. DeZhuang International conducted a dialogue on catering industry with representatives of the Government of San Francisco and many entrepreneurs and, at the same time, visited Mr. Mark Chandler, Director of the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of International Trade and Commerce. Mr. Chandler expressed a friendly welcome to DeZhuang International and introduced the general situation of San Francisco's urban development, industrial distribution, as well as the development of science and technology, information technology, biomedical technology and other fields. He also mentioned that San Francisco and Shanghai are sister cities and he hoped to come to China in 2020 to participate in the Western China International Investment and Trade Fair and the China International Intelligent Industry Expo held in Chongqing.

On November 19th, 34 Chinese and American enterprises conducted a matchmaking  event on agricultural products in Sacramento, capital of California. At the same time, a forum on food safety policy was held on the spot. At the meeting, both parties exchanged experiences and standards on food safety in China and California. DeZhuang International shared the experience of catering management with the Sacramento Municipal Hall (TBC) at the conference and forum. During the meeting a Chinese Chongqing food tasting was organized by the Chinese delegation, including Dezhuang Hotpot, Liu Yishou Hotpot, Yangji Longfu and other famous brands which showed the characteristic food of Chongqing to the Government of California.

DeZhuang International also went to Costco and Sam's club to investigate and learn the business model of retail warehouse club system, to understand the advanced management and the highly scientific and innovative warehousing model of the food supply chain in developed countries from the procurement to the warehousing. On this occasion, DeZhuang International visited the medical system of the University of California and V5 Medical Campus, and the two parties shared information on social welfare, medical insurance and dynamic medical examination system.

In New York, international capital which combines finance, culture, fashion, art and market innovation, DeZhuang International visited Zhonghao Law Firm and Accounting Firm and exchanged views on the development of Chinese food abroad, the legal environment and the financial system’s resources. At the same time, DeZhuang International also went to Sichuan and Chongqing General Chamber of Commerce in New York and met with the president of the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce and various entrepreneurs, sharing with them entrepreneurial experience in catering industry.

During the visit to Mexico, DeZhuang International visited Mexico City Chamber of Commerce and talked about the business and service industry in Mexico. The local government introduced to the delegation the current situation of the export of agricultural products and the development of local enterprises, laying stress on the export trade of avocado and the development of related fields. As the largest avocado producing area in the world, Mexico's products are famous worldwide, and China is the key market for avocado export.

At the Mexico City Chamber of Commerce, a woman named An Xi expressed strong interest in Chongqing's spicy hotpot after learning about the brand DeZhuang Hotpot Restaurant, and mentioned that she hope that hotpot stores could be opened in Mexico.

Chongqing's unique hot pot and spicy culture has become the most representative business card of Chongqing. As WCA Gold Chilli Member, DeZhuang International has always been committed to promoting China's hotpot to the international market and has never stopped in spreading the world chilli culture. This visit was not only an opportunity to learn about American food and beverage management system, corporate culture, brand building and standardization rules, but also to spread the hotpot and chilli pepper culture with Chongqing characteristics to the local government, entrepreneurs and representatives of the catering industry and other fields.

Nowadays, chilli pepper is not only a condiment but also an important carrier of cultural exchange in economy, culture, politics, science, art and other fields. The World Chilli Alliance has always believed that the chilli pepper is an ever-lasting passpartout which inspires friendly encounters between people from all over the world. Every member of the World Chilli Alliance is full of infinite passion and enthusiasm for this wonderful spice. We also welcome more chilli enthusiasts to join us. Together with WCA, we can promote every kind of exchange through chilli pepper: spread the culture, connect the world, and create a prosperous future.

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