World Chilli Alliance Meets the Government Delegation from Toronto and Joins the 14th Eu-China Business and Technology Cooperation Fair in Chengdu

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On November 11th, on occasion of the 6th edition of the Chengdu Creative & Design Week, official delegation from Toronto led by the Executive Deputy Mayor of the City of Toronto Mr Denzil Minnan-Wong was invited by WCA Representative of Chengdu Mr Zhang Jiao (also Head of Chengdu Food Culture Exchange and Innovation) to visit World Chilli Alliance (WCA) Representative Office in Chengdu, which also serves as Chengdu Food Culture Exchange and Innovation Centre. 

During the meeting held at Chengdu Food Culture Exchange and Innovation Centre and presided by Mr Zhang Jiao, WCA Secretary General Assistant Zhang Yijin on behalf of World Chilli Alliance introduced WCA mission and highlighted its current development, communicating with the Canadian guests about the exchange programs between WCA and various countries in the world and upcoming projects as the World Chilli Festival in 2020 and the World Chilli Museum.

The Executive Deputy Mayor and other Representatives from Toronto, as the Deputy Mayor and President of the Economic and Community Development Committee Mr Michael Thomas Thompson, the Councillor Mrs Cynthia Lai and the Foreign Affairs Officer of the Ministry of Economic Development and Culture Mrs Susana Elzira Vaz, expressed their strong interest in spicy food culture and were fascinated by the China Chilli Book Project which WCA is working on. Mr Denzil Minnan-Wong also expressed his hope to let Chinese friends be aware of and taste Canadian Chilli Chocolate.

World Chilli Alliance also attended the 14th Eu-China Business and Technology Cooperation Fair in Chengdu on 11th and 12th November, having the opportunity to meet China and EU MICE Industry Representatives, as the Vice Inspector of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce Chen Xiaobing, the Secretary General of Chengdu International Chamber of Commerce Ni Zhilong, the CEO of Newevents and Board Member of IAEE (International Association of Exhibition and Events) Antonio Manuel Brito, the Secretary General of CEFA (Central European Fair Alliance) Janos Barabas, the Secretary General of AEFI (Italian Exhibition & Trade Fair Association) Loredana Sarti, the Fouder and CEO of In2Win Business Consulting and Board Member of IAEE Zaneta Berus, and the Director of All-Russia Exhibition Centre Anton Savchenko.

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