Dezhuang's "Biggest Hot Pot in the World" at the 2nd China International Import Expo in Shanghai

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On November 5th Chongqing Dezhuang Group, in accordance with the instructions of the Leaders of the Ministry of Commerce and Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce, will be present at the 2nd China International Import Expo held in Shanghai displaying the "biggest hot pot in the world" owned by the Group, in order to show the cultural charm of Chongqing hot pot to people from all over the country and the world. This is also an important opportunity for Chongqing to show the image of a city which “leads towards new accomplishments” to the world. Therefore, the exhibition hall where the big hot pot will be showed is named "Chongqing Hot Pot: A Journey to new accomplishments", fully embodying the intrinsic meaning of Chongqing. 

Dezhuang’s "biggest hot pot in the world" is 10 meters in diameter, 1.06 meters in height and 13 tons in weight. The outside edge of the big pot is composed of 56 tripod-shaped small pots which form a ring, symbolizing the harmony and unity among the 56 ethnic groups of China.

To be displayed at this exhibition the hot pot was divided into eight parts which were put into one big container and one small container. After three days of transportation from Chongqing to Shanghai, it was assembled and restored to its original appearance in five days, and finally exhibited in the cultural exhibition area of "Intangible Cultural Heritage and Time-Honored Brand of China".

China International Import Expo (CIIE) is the world's first state-level expo focused on import. It is an open cooperation platform for countries around the world which intend to showcase their development achievements and carry out international trade. Hosting the China International Import Expo is a major step taken by the Chinese Government to firmly support trade liberalization and economic globalization and take the initiative to open its market to the world.

The hot pot is a variety of expressions. Come and look over past and present of Chongqing hot pot!

"Chongqing hotpot: A Journey to new accomplishments" exhibition hall will be displayed to more than 3000 enterprises coming from all areas and countries around the world, in an effort to build a display platform towards the world which promotes national culture and is committed to providing all participants an unforgettable “Import Expo” memory.

The exhibition hall is divided into four areas: "hot pot and history", "hot pot and city", "hot pot and the world" and "the biggest hot pot in the world". The "hotpot and history" area presents the hotpot culture in the unique landscape of Chongqing. "Hotpot and city" area, starting from the urban changes is committed to exploring the combination between the modern technology and the hot pot; "Hotpot and the world" area reflects the great vision of "going out" and "bringing in" of hotpot and One Belt One Road.

"The biggest hotpot in the world" exhibition area, besides the big hot pot itself, also personifies the intersection of the two rivers, the silhouette of the urban architecture, the hilly landscape and other unique urban elements of Chongqing, depicting a comprehensive image of the city. At the same time, the outside edge of the big pot is also set with 56 Crystal Balls, symbolizing the unity and harmony among the 56 ethnic groups. A red phoenix, suspended above the big hot pot, is about to fly with its wings, which means "the phoenix dances for nine days". It also means that under the protection of the phoenix, which is a symbol of good auspices and harmony, the 56 ethnic groups work together to create a better tomorrow for their motherland.

The opening ceremony has attracted a lot of attention, offering Chongqing hot pot a new breakthrough in the international market development.

From the very beginning, the exhibition hall of "Chongqing Hot pot: A Journey to new accomplishments" has been paid close attention by government leaders and media. On November 6th, leaders at all levels and dozens of domestic and foreign media will take part in the opening ceremony and jointly witness the highlight moment of "the biggest hot pot in the world".

At the same time, the signing ceremony between Dezhuang Group and several partners will be held in the afternoon of the same day. Representatives of the participating countries will arrive at the exhibition hall on July 7th to discover "the biggest hotpot in the world", which will help Chongqing hot pot to further expand its overseas market, refresh its international reputation and enhance its international influence.

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